What Time Do Car & Home Insurance Policies Start In Ontario?

Here’s a mistake that too many people in Ontario make – When setting up a new car or home insurance policy, they look at their car pink slip or policy and think that they still have coverage throughout the day on their expiration date. All car and home insurance policies in Ontario end at 12:01 […]

Does Tenants Insurance Cover Water Damage If You Forget To Turn Off The Tap?

You ever have one of those stressful days where you just can’t think straight? We’ve all had them. You’re so stressed about something that you can’t concentrate and then you do something stupid. Take a look at this question that someone in Toronto asked on Reddit. She had a bad day. She did something stupid. […]

How To Fire Your Car Insurance Broker

Do you like your car insurance broker? I mean, really, do you like him? You don’t have to like him, you know? In fact, if you don’t like him, you could just fire him. You’re Fired! Let me tell you about a phone call that I just got… A woman was irate and was venting […]

Is Auto Insurance A Scam?

Consider this – You’ve been paying $200/month for your auto insurance for the last 20 years. You’ve never had an accident. Never had a claim. The insurance company just takes your money every month and you get nothing for it. I mean, $200/month for 20 years totals $48,000. If you just didn’t pay for the […]