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We’ll quote you with up to 15 of Canada's top insurance companies to get you the right coverage at an awesome price!

Our marketing team submits your quotes to some of Ontario’s top insurance companies, like Economical, Intact, Northbridge, Travelers, and Aviva. Then we customize policies and coverage to suit your business and get you the lowest rate that we could find.

Providing various Insurance services

We have cheap rates for car insurance. And, we’ll insure your property, whether you’re a first-
time homeowner, a long-time condo owner, a renter, or anything in between. We can even insure people that some insurance companies consider high risk due to prior claims.

Business Insurance

Insure your business liability and property.

Home Insurance

Insure your home, condo, or apartment.

High Risk Car Insurance

Great rates for drivers with dings on their record.

Regular Car Insurance

Cheap rates for drivers with clean driving records.

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We have some of the cheapest rates in Ontario. We shop the market for you and we’re damn good at it!

Simple! We’re a brokerage that deals with over 15 different insurance companies, all with differing rates. In one shot, we can quote them all to get you an awesome rate. You’ll never get that type of service from a direct insurance company!

Does a VW cost less to insure than a Honda? Does a Jeep cost less to insure than a Dodge? This is difficult to answer in a general sense. All cars have different rating. Even specific cars have different model types. That means that it’s too hard to say in a general sense if, say, a Ford is cheaper to insure than a Mazda. Get a list of cars, be it a Subaru, a Mercedes, a BMW, and Audi, or whatever, and we will quote you on all of them to see which one is cheapest for you.

Some of the factors that affect car insurance rates are the home postal code, age of the driver, license class of the driver (G1/G2/G), number of tickets, number of accidents type of vehicle, and more.

Absolutely! Some companies offer discounts for things like being claims-free, having a good credit score, age of the homeowner, and much more. Every company that we deal with has different discounts. We’ll discuss them all when you call.

We’re a Toronto-based brokerage that services all of Ontario, Canada (Don’t worry, you don’t have to come into the office to set up a policy, although you can if you’d like).


We provide complete and comprehensive insurance coverage, including: car, pickup truck, home, condo, tenant’s, business, high risk, and substandard.

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