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Looking for cheap rates for car and home insurance? You found the right place. Call us:

Toll-free phone number: 1-888-467-5499

We’re a Toronto-based insurance brokerage that serves the entire province of Ontario, from Thunder Bay to Ottawa. We do auto insurance , property insurance, including home, condo, and tenant’s policies, and business insurance. Quotes are fast. Over the phone, it normally takes about 5 minutes to do a car insurance quote and about 10 minutes to do a home insurance quote. Commercial insurance quotes for your business might take a little longer.

Unlike online quotes, our quotes are accurate. From our experience, the online quotes that you get are time consuming and inaccurate. First, you have to fill out the online form. Then, you get a rate, which usually seems to be lower than the actual rate. Then they connect you to a broker or agent that needs to verify all of the info that you provided. This is not convenient. Skip all of this and call us!

We shop the market to look for cheap rates

When you call a company like Belair, TD Insurance, Desjardins, or Allstate, the agent that you speak to doesn’t shop the market for you. They can only quote one price, take-it-or-leave it. When you call a broker like us, we shop the market to get you cheap rates.

When you call us, we can quote you with any of the following insurance companies:

  1. 1. Aviva
  2. 2. CAA
  3. 3. Chieftain
  4. 4. Coachman
  5. 5. Echelon
  6. 6. Economical
  7. 7. Facility Associatian
  8. 8. Gore
  9. 9. Intact
  10. 10, Jevco
  11. 11. Pafco
  12. 12. Pembridge
  13. 13. RSA
  14. 14. SGI
  15. 15. Travelers
  16. 16. Unica
  17. 17. Wawanesa


There are plenty of discounts that can be applied to your quote. Some of the main ones would include winter tire discount, retiree discount, driver’s training discount, graduated license discount, multi-line discount for doing your car and home insurance policies together, alarm discounts, a discount for having a CAA membership (If we insure you with CAA, specifically), and more. When you call, we’ll let you know about all of the discounts that you qualify for.

Service areas:

We insure people across the province of Ontario, no matter if you live in Mississauga, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, Kitchener, Windsor, Sault Ste Marie, Barrie, or wherever. Call us on our toll-free number.

Calculating car insurance rates

Ever wonder what factors go into calculating car insurance rates? The following variables affect the rates:

  1. 1. Postal code: Where you live can make a big difference. For example, rates in, say, Richmond Hill will differ than rates in, say, Sudbury or Kingston.
  2. 2. Type of vehicle: A Mazda3 will have a different rate than, say, a Mini Cooper, or a Kia Optima.
  3. 3. Coverage: There are optional coverages that could affect the rate, coverages like collision, comprehensive, liability amounts, increased accident benefits, and endorsements such as rental car endorsements (OPCF 20).
  4. 4. The commute distance: If you never commute to work, school, or the transit station, it is considered pleasure-use. If you do commute, the length of the commute can make a difference in the rate.
  5. 5. Marital status.
  6. 6. Sex: In some cases, males pay more than females.
  7. 7. Age: a 50-year-old driver will have a better rate than a 25-year-old driver, all other things being equal.
  8. 8. Class of license (G1, G2, G).
  9. 9. License date.
  10. 10. Tickets/convictions on your driver’s abstract (eg. speeding, fail to yield, stop sign).
  11. 11. Accidents/claims on your insurance history (At-fault accidents affect your rate, while not-at-fault accidents do not).
  12. 12. License suspensions.
  13. 13. Prior policy cancellations (eg. if you’ve had a prior policy cancelled due to non-payment of premiums, that affects your car insurance rates).

And more – Different insurance companies have unique rating factors.

Types of tickets/convictions

Ever wonder what types of tickets/convictions affect your insurance rates? Some people believe that only demerit points affect your rates. That’s not true. Every ticket affects your rates. Insurance companies classify tickets/convictions as either minor, major, or serious. Minor tickets affect your rates a little, major tickets affect your rates more, and serious convictions affect your rates a lot. Tickets from red-light cameras or speed cameras don’t count.

Examples of minor tickets: Speeding, fail to have insurance card, seatbelt, fail to signal, unsafe move, fail to yield, drive with improper license class, pedestrian crossing violation, squealing tires.

Examples of major tickets: Fail to report accident, produce false evidence, failure to stop for police officer, improper passing of school bus, fail to report damage to highway property.

Examples of serious convictions: Impaired driving, careless driving, refuse breathalyzer, speeding more than 50 km/h over the speed limit (so be careful when driving fast on highways like the QEW or 401, and Gardiner Expressway), driving while suspended, operate motor vehicle – no insurance.

Basically, if you have a major or serious conviction, you’re considered a high risk driver. We insure high risk drivers too.

What are the cheapest vehicles to insure?

Is a Volkswagon Golf cheaper to insure than a Ford Fusion? Is a Dodge Grand Caravan cheaper to insure than A Jeep Grand Cherokee? Is an Audi A4 cheaper to insure than a BMW 330i? We get asked these types of questions a lot. And, they’re difficult to answer. There are hundreds of different vehicle models for sale in Canada. Nobody can track all of them to compile a list of cheapest vehicles to insure. However, I have a general rule-of-thumb – The bigger the vehicle, the less the insurance rates are, generally. So, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs generally cost less to insure than cars, especially small cars. Basically, the safety rating of the vehicle tends to be the biggest factor affecting the auto insurance rate. Bigger vehicles tend to have a better safety rating.

Does that help in determining what type of vehicle you want to purchase? Of course, if you have a list of vehicles that you’re considering and want to know how each one fares, you can call us and we’ll quote them all. If you’re trying to decide between a Mercedes GLA, A Lexus UX, a Genesis GC80, or a Lincoln Aviator, just call us. We’ll quote them all.

By the way, these are the most popular models of vehicles in Canada right now: Ford F150, Dodge Ram, Toyota Rav4, Honda CRV, Honda Civic, GMC Sierra, Chev Silverado, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, and Hyundai Tucson.

How do insurance companies check your driving record?

Insurance companies order two different reports:

MVR: This is a driver’s abstract. It shows when you were licensed, how many tickets you have, and how many license suspensions you have.

Autoplus: This is your insurance history report. It shows all of the insurance companies that you’ve ever been insured with, if any of the policies have been cancelled due to non-payment, and all accidents/claims that you have had, including not-at-fault accidents and comprehensive claims like windshield claims.

Policy Lengths

Most of our policies are 1-year policies. Some of the insurance companies that we deal with also offer 6-month policies. Monthly payment plans are available.

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Calculating home insurance rates

Here are some of the factors that go into calculating home insurance rates:

  1. 1. Rebuilding cost of the house: We use a building evaluator to calculate the rebuilding costs of the house. This is based on general factors like age of house, square feet, number of washrooms, number of bedrooms, building materials, flooring materials, finished basement, etc.
  2. 2. Location of house. As with car insurance, home insurance rates will be different for houses in, say, Oakville than they would be for houses in Pickering, Kenora, or Timmins.
  3. 3. Claims experience: prior claims, like fire, sewer back-up, overland water, or theft will affect your home insurance rates.
  4. 4. Age of the homeowner.
  5. 5. Number of mortgages.

Of course, there are also many discounts that can be applied to home insurance policies too. We’ll discuss the discounts that you qualify for when you call.

Serving all of Ontario

Again, we serve all of Ontario. No matter if you live in Orangeville, Cornwall, Ajax, London, Stoney Creek, St Catharines, Welland, or Oshawa, call us for a quote for car, home, condo, tenants, or commercial business insurance. Our phone number is 1-888-467-5499.

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