Does Tenants Insurance Cover Water Damage If You Forget To Turn Off The Tap?

You ever have one of those stressful days where you just can’t think straight? We’ve all had them. You’re so stressed about something that you can’t concentrate and then you do something stupid.

Take a look at this question that someone in Toronto asked on Reddit. She had a bad day. She did something stupid.

I forgot to turn the sink water tap off!

Here’s what the Reddit user wrote:

I made a stupid mistake yesterday of leaving a water tap on in my bathroom and forgetting to turn it off before heading outside for an hour. That lead to water overflowing onto the floor. It seems like there was some damage to the walls in the unit (and affected the walls in my neighbor’s unit), and some of the carpet outside the unit was damaged (as water flowed outside). The condo management got in contractors to fix the problem. I’m still to know what the quote was for the damage but I’m trying to see what my options are with tenant’s insurance here (Sonnet).

Am I covered for the water damage?

Luckily this user had a tenants insurance policy. And, here’s the answer to her question as to whether or not she’d be covered: YES!!!

Tenants insurance policies, and condo/home insurance policies too, cover insured perils that are sudden and accidental. Forgetting to turn off the tap in the washroom is sudden and accidental. There are liability issues with this claim too, as her mistake also affected her neighbors. Tenants insurance policies cover liability too. It’s a good thing that this person had a tenants insurance policy!

Should all renters get tenants insurance?

Are you renting and wondering if you should get tenants insurance? The answer is yes and you should call us for a quote. There are many reasons why you should get it. Here’s just one, as put by a Reddit user in the same thread:

No one thinks it’ll happen til it happens to them.

When I was younger I was cavalier about tenant insurance. Then our neighbour’s basement apartment flooded, with raw sewage belching out of the drains. Basically nothing was recoverable. They didn’t have tenant insurance and were out tens of thousands of dollars which they can’t afford to replace. Not to mention all the personal keepsakes and documents which are irreplaceable.

don’t let this happen to you. Call us for a tenants insurance quote.

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