Will A Car Insurance Policy Cover You If You Intentionally Hit Another Vehicle?


I found someone asking this question on Quora – Will a car insurance policy cover you if you intentionally hit another vehicle?

This means that somebody out there wants to do some some damage… Maybe they want to get back at an ex-spouse? Maybe they want to get back at a business partner that they feel did them wrong? Nevertheless, someone is mad. And, they want to do some damage… but only if their car insurance company will pay for their actions. Will it?

I want a new car!

I will answer the question. But first, consider this…

You want to get a new car. You’d rather that the insurance company pay for it instead of you. So you come up with the great idea to set your car on fire, make the claim, and then use the payout to buy another car.

Good idea?

Geez, no!

Insurance covers perils that are sudden and accidental

Insurance policies do not cover intentional acts. If they did, people would come up with stupid ideas like this and then all of our car insurance premiums would increase to cover these unnecessary costs. Insurance covers perils that are sudden and accidental. They cover car accidents. They do not cover intentionally ramming another vehicle.

As always, call me for a car insurance quote, but not if you intend to play bumper cars and ask the insurance company to pay for it. We have cheap rates for drivers across Ontario.

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