What Time Do Car & Home Insurance Policies Start In Ontario?

Ontario Pink Slip - 12:01 am Start

Here’s a mistake that too many people in Ontario make – When setting up a new car or home insurance policy, they look at their car pink slip or policy and think that they still have coverage throughout the day on their expiration date. All car and home insurance policies in Ontario end at 12:01 on the expiry am on the expiration date – ALL OF THEM! That means you do not have coverage for the full day on the expiry date on your policy.

So, when you go to set up a new policy, the effective date of the new policy should match the expiry date of the old policy. Otherwise, there will be a lapse of coverage and that’s not good.

What time do insurance policies in Ontario start?

12:01 am

All insurance policies in Ontario start at 12:01 am. That’s why when cancelling an existing policy and starting a new one, the expiry and effective dates should match. If you start a new policy the day following the expiration of your existing policy, you will have a one day lapse of coverage. If you have a car accident on that day, you will not be covered. If the roof of your house is torn off by a tornado on that day, you will not be covered.

So now you know – Car and home insurance policies in Ontario both start and end at 12:01 am.

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