Tenants Insurance For Renters – Landlords Need Proof Of Liability

Ever wonder why landlords need proof of liability insurance from you when you rent an apartment or condo?

It’s to protect themselves!

Let’s say you’re cooking and your stove catches fire. The fire causes damage to your unit, as well as the adjoining units. You think your neighbors will be upset about this? Yep! You think they’ll sue you and your landlord to cover the damages? Probably.

So yeah, a tenants insurance policy for renters will provide protection to the landlord, just in case you turn out to be a not-so-good tenant, liability wise.

But you know what? A tenants insurance policy protects you too. Notice in the above example how I mentioned that your neighbors can sue you and your landlord? Yep, they’ll sue anybody that they can to recover their costs and that includes you.

A tenants policy also covers other things aside from liability, like contents. Contents coverage is important too. Think of all the things you own and how you would have to do without in the event of a total loss.

So if your new landlord is asking for proof of liability insurance, call me for a quote and then after we set up a new policy, I’ll email you the proof of insurance for your landlord.

Even if your landlord doesn’t require that you have a tenants policy, it’s still a smart idea to have one, nonetheless. Call me for a quote.

My office is in Toronto, but I can quote and insure anyone throughout Ontario.

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