Ontario Towns With Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Thinking of moving? Perhaps this might factor into the decision of where you move to – Some towns in Ontario have lower insurance rates than others. But which towns on Ontario have the cheapest car insurance rates?

My Car Insurance Rate Experiment

I’m an insurance broker. I did a little experiment to find out which Ontario towns have the cheapest rates. I applied my my own personal driving profile to different postal codes in the province.

A little about my driving profile – I’m 45-years-old, single, continuously insured for over 15 years, no tickets in the last 3 years, no accidents or claims in the last 15 years, no license suspensions, and no insurance policy cancellations. I’m a clean driver. I drive a 2013 Kia Optima. I have collision and comprehensive coverage included. I don’t commute because I work from home (pleasure use).

Now for the results…

Cheapest Towns To Insure Your Car:

Here are the yearly premiums for my driving profile in cities and towns across Ontario:

Mississauga: $1350

Downtown Toronto: $1297

Scarborough: $1866

Etobicoke: $1709

Timmins: $907

Ottawa: $829

St Catharines: $890

Port Carling: $939

Kapuskasing: $907

Renfrew: $786

Waterloo: $1025

Lancaster: $882

London: $1046

Dresden: $912

Sault Ste Marie: $865

Thunder Bay: $907

Tobermory: $980

Listowel: $932

Oshawa: $1183

Beeton: $1087

Peterborough: $799

Beaverton: $980

Windsor: $1125

Belleville: $799

Woodbridge: $1676

Stratford: $932

From my small sample size, Renrew has the lowest car insurance rates in Ontario at $786/year.

How does your city or town fare?

Give me a call and I will do a quote for you. Then you can compare where you live to the towns and cities in my experiment above.

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