Ontario DUI Car Insurance After License Suspension

First off, there’s no DUI conviction in Ontario. The Ontario equivalent of a DUI is either impaired driving, blood/alcohol over 80, or refuse breathalyzer. All three convictions are considered serious and have the same impact on your car insurance rates. I used DUI in the title because a lot of people still refer to the conviction as a DUI.

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License Suspensions With An Alcohol Charge

You found this page because you probably know that your alcohol charge will affect your car insurance rates, but don’t know how the actual license suspension does. I’ll try to explain…

First, when you’re initially charged with DUI-related offense in Ontario, your license will automatically be suspended for 90-days. The suspension is called an “ADLS” suspension. The suspension is immediate and on the spot. Because you received this suspension without an actual conviction, the suspension is not allowed to affect your car insurance rates and so it won’t. It will still be visible, though. Any insurance company that orders your driver’s abstract will see the suspension and know that you’ve been charged with an alcohol-related offense and likely have a court case pending.

DUI Conviction

When you get convicted in court for the DUI-related offense, then the court will give you an official suspension. This suspension will affect your car insurance rates in Ontario. The actual offense affects your rates for three years, but the suspension affects your rates for six years with most insurance companies. Don’t worry too much about how long the suspension affects you for, though – When the conviction stops affecting your car insurance rates after three years, the suspension won’t affect your rate by very much after that.

1-Year Suspension

DUI-related convictions usually come with a 1-year suspension. From my experience, most people are offered an early suspension end date. I’m not sure what the parameters are to qualify for the early reinstatement, but I think that most people are offered it. When your license is finally reinstated, it usually comes with a condition to have an alcohol-ignition interlock device installed for one year. This is the devise that you have to blow in and have your breath be alcohol-free before it will allow the car to start.

DUI Insurance Quotes

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