Mississauga Average Home Insurance Rates

Thinking about moving to Mississauga and wondering how much you’d be paying for home insurance? Although every risk profile is different when it comes to underwriting, it might help to see how you compare to a typical client.

I insure my mother’s house on Oland Drive, which is in north-west Mississauga, Ontario. Here’s a chart that shows the rates to insure her house with all of the insurance companies that I deal with:

Mississauga, Ontario Average Home Insurance Rates

Insurance company identifying factors have been blacked out in the chart so as to not give away any market intelligence.

A few things to note about this rate chart – Some of the underwriting factors that are affecting this quote are the age of the homeowner (68), homeowner has a good credit score, and the rates include a multi-line discount (My mom insures her car with the same company). The house is 2300 sq ft and was built in 1997. If I do a quote for you, it will be based on your own personal underwriting profile, which may or may not compare to my mom’s.

The home insurance rates for my mom vary from a low of $667 to a high of $2,260. If you average out all of the rates, the average is $1,110.

Wondering how much you’d pay for home insurance in Mississauga? Then call me. I’d love to do a quote for you.

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