How To Get A Home Insurance Binder For Your Lawyer

Are you closing on a new house?

Did your lawyer ask you to get a home insurance binder?

What the heck is a home insurance binder and how do you get one?

Simply, a home insurance binder is confirmation that your house is insured and will list things such as the name of the insurance company, the effective date, coverage amounts, and the mortgagee.

Here’s a PDF of what a typical binder will look like:

Why do you need one of these? Your lawyer will ask for it to finalize the close of the house. She will need this because the mortgagee requires that the property be insured, as it is a term of the mortgage. A binder is proof of an insurance policy.

Now how do you get one of these?

Simple, call me!

Of course, the first thing I’ll have to do is set up a new home insurance policy. You can’t get a binder without a policy. Don’t worry, though – This is quick and easy. It takes just about 15 minutes to do a new quote and then less than an hour to do the paperwork for a new policy. When everything is done, I’ll provide you with the binder.

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