How Do I Get Such Awesome Rates For Home Insurance?

Which of these two options would you prefer:

  1. Call 13 different insurance companies to quote your home insurance. Then, pick the best one.
  2. Call me. Get 13 home insurance quotes in one shot and then choose the one with the best rate.

I specifically mention the number 13 because I’m an insurance broker that deals with 13 different insurance companies. Every insurance company will have different rating factors to determine home insurance rates. There isn’t a single company that will give the best rate in all cases. Individual rating factors determine which company offers the best rate for any given person.

So why spend all day calling insurance companies to try to get the best rate when you can call just one broker, me? In one 15-minute phone call, I’ll get the rates for all of the insurance companies that I deal with and then quote you with the one with the best rate (In most cases, I’ll quote the one with the lowest rate. Some companies may not offer specific coverages that you might require and that might factor into the quote. Every situation is different).

So, ya, that’s why I have such awesome home insurance rates.

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