First Time Homeowner Insurance – Ontario

Just bought your first house, eh? Or maybe your first condo? Whatever it is, you just made the biggest purchase of your life and that’s going to impact you financially for a long time to come.

With all of the house viewings, setting up the mortgage, buying furniture, meeting with your real estate lawyer, hiring movers, you probably forgot about one of the most important things of all – Home insurance.

With all of the money that you just spent, how would you feel if it all evaporated if the house burned down a day after closing? Ya, that’s why you need home insurance.

But aside from protecting you financially, you know your real estate lawyer won’t even be able to close the transaction without proof of insurance, right? So get on it. Call me for a home insurance quote. Most people forget about this step and leave it until the last minute. That causes stress and you don’t want to do that.

All of this might overwhelm you as a first time homeowner and that’s understandable. My goal on the insurance side of things is to make this part of it easy. I will do the quote for you, explain all the coverages, and then give you easy instructions to set up the policy. When all is done, I will provide you with the home insurance binder that your lawyer will need.

So give me a call. I can quote first time homeowner insurance for anybody buying a house or condo in Ontario.

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