How To Sign Up For Smartphone Car Insurance Driver Tracking App

Have you heard the good news?

Good drivers can download a driver tracking app on their smartphones to get car insurance discounts based on their good driving habit stats.

So how do you sign up?

Easy… If you live in Ontario, call us at 1-888-467-5499. We’ll start with giving you a car insurance quote, which will include a discount just for signing up for the driver tracking app program (some refer to it as telematics or black box insurance). Then, after we set up the policy, you will get an email or text with instructions to download the tracking app on your smartphone.

How does the driver tracking app work?

Depending on the insurance company, the app will track some or all of the following driving habits:

  • 1. Excessive speed
  • 2. Excessive acceleration
  • 3. Hard braking
  • 4. Distracted driving
  • 5. Time-of-day driving (more on this below)

You will get a discount just for signing up for the app. Them at renewal, you will get a further discount based on your personalized driving habit stats. This is awesome for good drivers!

Which insurance companies offer the driver tracking app discount?

We currently represent three insurance companies that offer the driver tracking app for your smartphone:

  • 1. Aviva Journey
  • 2. Travelers Intellidrive
  • 3. Intact myDrive

And, we’ll likely add more insurance companies in the future.

What does the app like like on your smartphone?

I tested out the Travelers Intellidrive app. Here’s a screenshot from my iPhone:

Travelers Intellidrive driving performance screenshot

This is the home screen of the app. Obviously, my driving habits are not as good as yours and it needs improvement. And, the app even shows where I need to improve…

Travelers Intellidrive smartphone app stats

As you see, my driving performance is being hindered by hard braking, high speed, and distracted driving. This is good to know because this tells me what I need to work on to qualify for discounts at the next renewal.

What is time of day?

You see on the screenshot the part that tracks time of day? This might be confusing, so here is Travelers’ explanation for this specific stat:

When you drive can be as important as how you drive. Accidents occur most often during periods of heavy traffic and late at night when drivers may be fatigued. Driving late at night and very early in the morning are the highest risk times to drive, while morning and afternoon commute times are a medium risk, all of which count as an event.

My time of day stats are excellent because I don’t normally drive late at night and don’t commute to work every day (sometimes I work in the office and sometime I work from home). As you see, stats don’t have to be perfect to get discounts or to get an excellent rating. You just have to have overall good driving habits.

Get the app

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