Condo Insurance In Mississauga’s Square One Area

I remember when I was a young lad living in Mississauga. The Square One area had just a handful of condo buildings. It had the Kaneff apartments at Burnhamthorpe & Hurontario. There were the condos on Kingsbridge Garden Circle. There were a few on Webb Drive. And, maybe a few more sprinkled about.

Now there are dozens, ranging from the buildings on Enfield Place, to Grand Park Drive, to Shipp Drive, to Kariya Drive, to Absolute Ave, to Curran Place, to City Centre Drive, and so much more.

As I sit in my own condo unit on Brickstone Mews, I look out my window and see a bunch more under construction and that’s not to mention the 10 buildings or so that Rogers has just started to build at Burnhamthorpe and Confederation. So much construction!

By the way, here’s the view from my suite:

I love this city. It’s looking really good.

Now, onto the main point – Condo insurance.

Are you insured? I am.

Seriously, for the very little it costs to get a condo insurance policy, as low as just $25/month, I don’t know why you would go without it. Not only does a condo policy cover your personal property in your suite, but it also covers personal liability, additional living expenses, and some companies even include identity theft coverage now.

I’m an insurance broker. Although my office is in Toronto, I live in Mississauga and can insure anybody in Ontario. Call me for a quote at 1-888-467-5499. It takes just 5 minutes to get a quote over the phone and I’d love to hear from you.

Now I’m off to Square One mall to do some grocery shopping at Walmart.

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