How Can All Car Insurance Commercials Claim To Save You Money?

What does the following statement say:

Save up to $500 or more on your car insurance when you call us.

It says nothing. There are no promises in the statement. It sounds like it’s saying that you’ll save $500 when you call them, but it’s not. It literally says that maybe you’ll save some money if you call them.

Nevertheless, the majority of car insurance commercials pitch you on savings… Save 10% or more… Good drivers save on their car insurance… We’re obsessed with saving you money…

If all car insurance companies save you money on car insurance, then by the same logic, no insurance companies can save you money on car insurance.

The Marketing Message

To me it seems like the marketing department at insurance companies think that this is the best way to get new customers to call them – Offer to save them money. Although I’m not a marketing expert, I think the message gets drowned out when every single company has the same message.

Are we different?

We don’t advertise on TV. Nevertheless, we’re a brokerage that deals with 15 different insurance companies. When you call, yes we will try to get you the best rate on your car insurance. You know what else we’re known for? Friendly service. I think we might just be the friendliest insurance brokers in Ontario.

So, when you’re shopping around for car insurance rates, consider us too. Call us for a quote. We also do home, condo, tenant’s, and business insurance. And, you’ll never see a commercial for us claiming to save you 50% or more on your car insurance (although, that might end up happening, anyway).

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