CAA Has Cheap Home Insurance rates In Milton, Ontario

I’m an insurance broker and I deal with many different companies. I just did a home insurance quote for a friend that lives in Milton, Ontario. As is often the case, I found that CAA Insurance had the cheapest rates for him.

I’ll show you the various quotes below, but first a little background on my friend. He’s married. He and his wife are both 42-years-old. The house that I quoted is 1700 square feet and was built in 2010, an average house in a normal subdivision. They have been continuously insured since 2006 and are claims-free.

When I entered all of the details into my quoting software, these were the rates with all of the insurance companies that I deal with:

CAA Home Insurance Rates In Ontario
CAA Home Insurance Rates In Milton, Ontario

As you can see, I got quotes with 17 different insurance companies. I blacked out all of them, except for CAA, so as to not give away any market intelligence. The quotes range from a low of $909/year to a high of $2329/year. The average rate was $1737/year.

And, here’s a bonus… CAA members get a further discount!

CAA is an awesome insurance company and their rates are often really cheap. Of course, each situation is unique. If you want me to quote you, whether you live in Milton or anywhere else in Ontario, call me at 1-888-467-5499. I’d be happy to give you a home insurance quote.

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