Do CAA Members Get Discounts On Home Insurance?


CAA members get up to 10% discount on their home insurance. Membership has its privileges!

But that’s not the only reason to call me to get a CAA home insurance quote. There’s more…

Want a unique coverage that no other insurance company has? How about this… If you insure both your car and home with CAA, you’ll get complimentary CAA Tire Coverage. This coverage provides for tire repairs and replacements due to damage caused by a road hazard. Those pesky potholes will have nothing on you after this!

How about another unique coverage… If you do both your home and auto with CAA, you’ll get complimentary Basic Legal Expense Insurance. This provides coverage for all reasonable legal expenses incurred while pursuing or defending a claim, including lawyers and expert witnesses, disbursements, and court costs. This would include coverage for such things as auto contract disputes (When buying or selling a car), property disputes (eg. someone damages your property), and bodily injury (Someone injured you and you want to take action against them), and more.

Plus, there are many other discounts available with CAA Insurance.

Oh, and did I mention that their rates are great to start with?

Is that enough reason to call me to do a CAA home insurance quote?

And, by the way.. CAA also does condo insurance and tenant insurance.

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