Can You Get Black Box Car Insurance In Ontario?

Awesome news… Yes, black box car insurance is available to Ontario drivers! Ready to save money on your car insurance? read on to find out how. Or, just call us directly for a quote at 1-888-467-5499.

How to get car insurance discounts with black box car insurance

Here’s how it works…

Some drivers follow the rules of the road better than other drivers. They don’t overly speed on the 401. They don’t overly accelerate when the light turns green. They don’t follow other cars too closely, so there’s no need for hard braking. They don’t text while they drive.

These drivers should pay less for car insurance, right? I mean, they’re less likely to get into a car accident, so they will cost the insurance company less overall relative to more aggressive drivers. So, yes, these drivers should pay less for car insurance… BUT… only if they sign up for the black box program.

Signing up for black box

It’s easy to sign up. Call us for a quote. If you agree to the program, you’ll get an immediate discount on your car insurance. Then, you’ll receive instructions to download the black box app on your smartphone. The smartphone app will track a few things, including excessive speed, hard braking, excessive acceleration, and distracted driving.

At the next renewal, you will receive discounts based on your stats from the smartphone app. Good drivers get discounts! Good drivers save money!

The best part of the app is that you will get daily updated stats, so you’ll know ahead of time how you fare. You’ll also know see your stats real-time and will be able to adjust your driving behavior accordingly. I have the app myself. I know that my stats are good except for, maybe, my distracted driving stats. I tend to use my phone sometimes while driving. I’m bad. I shouldn’t do that.

Aviva Journey, Intact my Drive, And Travelers Intellidrive

Currently, we deal with three Ontario insurance companies that offer the black box program – Aviva, Intact, and Travelers. When you call us for a quote, we’ll set you up with the insurance company that gives you the lowest rate right now and then the discounts will pile-up at renewal.


In Ontario, we don’t really refer to the program as black box insurance. Rather, we refer to it as telematics. either way, it’s the same thing – Whatever you refer to it as, the program is designed to give big car insurance discounts to safe drivers. Give it a try!

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