Acton Ontario Average Rates For Home Insurance

Looking to move to Acton, Ontario?

Then you might be interested in home insurance rates before you move there.

I have a client that’s moving to Acton and I quoted his home insurance. Before I show you his the rates, here are a few of the factors that affected the quote: The house is a little under 1300 sq ft and was built in the 1990’s. My client has continuous insurance, a good credit score, and no home insurance claims on record.

With that said, here are the rates with all of the insurance companies that I, as a broker, work with (Note that all identifying factors of the insurance companies have been blacked out to avoid giving away market intelligence):

Acton Ontario home insurance average rates
Average home insurance rates on a 1300 sq ft house in Acton, Ontario

So, there you have it… Rates range from a low of $639/year to $1591/year. If you take the average across all companies, that would work out to $1219/year. This chart is for comparative purposes. Normally, we’d go with the lowest rate. But, of course, every situation is different and and we’d have to discuss your individual needs before doing an individualized quote for you.

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